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Keeping up enthusiam for a garage start up

1 Jun

My partners and I created a business, Selloscope.  It’s a great idea, it’s a recommendation engine for small to medium websites.  The most obvious client is small ecommerce site, but the technology is also applicable to dating sites and content sites. 

Selloscope is a great idea for both us and our clients.  For our clients, we can increase their sales by suggesting products their customers will actually want based on what they are about to buy or what they have already bought from the site in the past.  Our pricing is as such that our clients can try our service virtually risk free, even after the 30 day free trial has expired.  It’s great for us because the longer a clients uses our service  the better our recommendations will be and the more valuable our service will be to our clients.  Then the more money our client makes, the longer they keep using Selloscope, so you see the potential for the win-win.

Right now, though, ugh.  Waiting for the business to take off is difficult.  While we were building the site, there was always something to do, something to think about, a measurable goal to push for. 

After we launched, I was prepared to spend most of my time working on the business, responding to customer emails, handling any issues that came up with a combination of panic and enthusiam, but I wasn’t prepared to wait.  I should have been, my husband and I have a failed business behind us, but at least with that business, there were still things that had to be done every day in preparation, in case a user showed up. 

You could rightly point out that I could, even should, be working on increasing our visibility, doing something regarding SEO.  The language of marketing just befuddles me.  I again feel like the weird kid on the outside looking in on all the cool kids.  The advice I read remains nebulous to me.  I want some definitive directions, something concrete to do.  To heck with the soft science, give me hard science, that I can do, or at least figure out.

Or you can take pity on the weird kid, and just come to our site and sign up.  Tell your friends or your favorite small ecommerce site that we’re here.  I promise I will stay on top of your business and treat it and care for it like it’s our own.